Many things that can cause a rash, but viral infections are the most common culprits. The measles or the common cold can lead to pimples, bumps, cysts, or redness on the skin. Viral rashes are the result of infection rather than an allergic reaction, and unlike an allergic reaction, do not typically cause itching or pain. Although they may linger for as long as two weeks, viral rashes usually go away after only a few days.


1. Symptoms of a Viral Rash

Viral rashes may not be life-threatening, but it is a good idea to monitor them carefully since they can sometimes signify more serious infection, especially if they do not clear up quickly. A viral rash may present alongside other symptoms such as fever, headaches, muscles aches, stomach aches, a loss of appetite, and decreased energy levels. Should anyone with a rash have any of the above-mentioned symptoms as well, they should seek immediate medical attention.

what is a viral rash


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