The skin serves a multitude of functions, not only protecting us from the outside world, but also playing a major role in regulating body temperature, and more. Unfortunately, being at the forefront of defense, the skin is prone to various conditions including prurigo nodularis. This disease, which can range from irritating to debilitating, causes multiple itchy nodules to develop on the arms and legs. While it can be difficult to treat, it is possible to manage the symptoms of prurigo nodularis with proper medical care.


1. Who is at the Greatest Risk for Prurigo Nodularis?

According to epidemiological data, the skin disease can occur in all age groups; however, it is most common among older adults above the age of 60. While specific incidence and prevalence rates of prurigo nodularis are not known, research shows the condition affects both sexes equally.

risk prurigo nodularis

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