Vitiligo is a disease of the epidermis that causes depigmented patches to appear. Patches of skin that has lost its pigment can appear anywhere on the body. There are two other types of vitiligo – local and segmental.

At the moment, there is neither certified treatment nor prevention of vitiligo. The only thing that one can do to improve the condition is to apply makeup or sunscreen. Vitiligo isn’t dangerous to health. However, it can have psychological consequences due to embarrassment. Although we don’t yet know the exact cause, there are ten viable assumptions.


1. Immunity Disorder

The main reason and cause of vitiligo is the fact that the body itself decides to destroy its skin pigment. Without a doubt, this is an irregularity of the system. However, the main culprit for this setback is the immune system.

For reasons that we do not yet know, it perceives specific pigmented areas as threats to the body. The depigmentation occurs when the immune system attacks the skin and removes the pigment, the same way that it does a virus or any bacteria.

immune vitiligo


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