Vasomotor rhinitis (or nonallergic rhinitis) is a condition that causes the inside of the nose to become inflamed and irritated, usually leading to frequent sneezing or a chronically runny nose. Unlike allergic rhinitis, nonallergic rhinitis isn't caused by allergens in the environment, but many of the symptoms are similar to those caused by allergies. Vasomotor rhinitis can affect people at any age but is more common in adulthood. Doctors diagnose the condition after they establish that allergies are not the cause.


1. Common Symptoms

A person with vasomotor rhinitis will often have a blocked-up nose and may find his or her sense of smell is less acute. The nose is usually runny, and the person may experience an itchy or irritated sensation in the nasal passages. Vasomotor rhinitis also tends to cause chronic sneezing, although to a lesser extent than rhinitis caused by allergies. Occasionally, scabs may form inside the nose of a person with vasomotor rhinitis, which can cause bleeding and may release an unpleasant smell.

common Nonallergic rhinitis

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