Hemothorax is usually a complication of a chest injury, though other things can cause the condition as well -- it can even occur spontaneously. A person with hemothorax may feel stress or anxiety and not know why. While the condition can be mild with barely any symptoms, severe cases are medical emergencies. Catching hemothorax early is important for effective intervention. Treatment depends on severity, but anyone experiencing difficulty breathing or chest pain should call 911.


1. Hemothorax and Anatomy

Knowing a little about the anatomy of the lungs helps understand what a hemothorax is and its profound effects on the body. A two-layer membrane covers each lung. The visceral layer surrounds the actual lung tissue, and the parietal layer connects to the chest wall. Between these two layers is a space called the pleural cavity. A hemothorax occurs when blood collects in this space.

Lung Anatomy Pleural Cavity wetcake / Getty Images


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