Asthma is scary for children and parents alike. Not being able to breathe creates panic, which can make an asthma attack worse. Childhood asthma is the same condition as adult asthma, but younger people face some challenges that adults do not when dealing with the condition.

In addition to the long-term damage that can result from poorly controlled asthma, issues can also creep into everyday life. For one, asthma is the most common reason children miss school, which may allow some children to fall behind.


1. What Causes Asthma in Children?

Researchers are not sure what causes asthma, but they know what can trigger it. Asthma leaves the airways and lungs easily irritated by particular conditions. Triggering situations vary from child to child, but pollen and other allergens, having a cold or respiratory illness, and even cold air can prompt an asthma attack.

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