Most of us learn in school how the acid produced by a buildup of plaque causes tooth decay. Sometimes you only discover you have tooth decay from regular visits to the dentist. Friends and family might also notice spotting on your teeth or smell the bad breath and alert you to the problem. Often people automatically associate tooth decay with a toothache, but it does not always cause pain. It is possible to live with this major dental health problem for some time and remain unaware of it if you don't go to the dentist. The longer the delay, the more difficult and expensive treatment becomes.


1. Preventative measures

If you catch the tooth decay at a very early stage, it might be sufficient to take preventative measures without undergoing treatments. For example, the dentist is likely to suggest that you take steps to reduce your intake of sugar radically. This is a good idea for general health in addition to dental care. They are also probably going to recommend that you use a fluoride paste or gel to strengthen the teeth and help fight off the spread of plaque. Sometimes they also suggest the use of an electric toothbrush since its regulated movements may be more effective than manual brushing.

preventing tooth decay


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