Mumps is a serious illness associated with numerous complications. An infectious disease that has largely been eliminated in developed countries, mumps still on the rise in developing countries. Thanks to the newly developed MMR vaccine, mumps are becoming a rarity amongst the vaccinated children, although there's still a slight chance of infection. Individuals under the age of 15 are most vulnerable to mumps, but the disease isn't age restricted. Mumps is an illness that's easily contracted. Just talking to someone or touching objects that someone with mumps has touched is enough to catch the condition. If you're worried that you've been exposed to an outbreak, watch for the following symptoms of mumps.


1. Cheek Swelling

There's probably no other disease that causes this type of symptom (aside from a toothache). Swelling of the cheeks is a signature symptom of mumps. Those suffering from this symptom will experience difficulty using their mouth eating, talking and even drinking. Acidic foods and juices are especially likely to cause extra pain to those afflicted by swollen cheeks. The inflamed tissues experience a burning reaction to the chemical contents of such products. To reduce the pain, the sufferers can use ice wraps as a temporary solution.

swelling symptoms of mumps


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