Your liver produces a fluid known as bile, which aids in digestion. Bile also helps your body get rid of toxins, cholesterol, and worn-out red blood cells. Primary biliary cirrhosis is a disease that affects your liver. It occurs progressively over time as bile ducts are slowly destroyed. After the liver tissue is scared, the damage is irreversible. Early detection of primary biliary cirrhosis is key to treating the symptoms and slowing down the process. If you experience these symptoms of primary biliary cirrhosis, contact your doctor.


1. Fatigue

It is okay if you feel sleepy now and then. However, if you feel extremely tired, especially after getting a good night’s rest, then you might have an underlying condition. Fatigue will not only have an impact on your work or school performance, but it can impact your daily activities and social life, too. Instead of loading up on unhealthy and addictive caffeine, visit your doctor and explain your sleeping schedule. You might have to undergo blood tests to determine the reasoning.

fatigue Primary biliary cirrhosis

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