Acute kidney injury is also known as acute kidney failure or sometimes acute renal failure. It's a very sudden occurrence usually occurring in two days or less. It is generally reversible if caught quickly and you may not have any permanent damage. Unfortunately, for many, they will suffer permanent damage and the speed by which it is found and treated is the key to limiting the damage done.  When the kidneys fail the potential of severe problems can't be overstated, and treatment is vital. Immediately, waste begins to accumulate and can potentially cause permanent damage. If there is an upside, is that it is most common in people who are already in the hospital.


1. What is a risk to me?

While this can affect anyone at any time, acute kidney injury generally does affect people over the age of 65. It also occurs most commonly in the intensive care unit, so that certainly helps the outlook if caught quickly. Those who have kidney disease are in a higher risk group as are those with heart disease, liver disease or diabetes.


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