A kidney biopsy is a procedure to remove tissue from the kidneys to be analyzed in a lab. Another word for kidneys is renal - meaning relating to the kidneys - so it may also be called a renal biopsy. The test is usually performed on a patient that presents with abnormal kidney function either in symptoms or blood work. The test is performed in a hospital outpatient department, meaning the patient goes home the same day. There may be several questions a patient has about the test and recovery. We have put together some frequently asked questions that may help.


1. Kidneys Function

The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs about the size of a fist located in the lower back area. The primary function of the kidneys is to filter out waste from the body in the form of urine. They also regulate things like blood pressure, blood volume, and ph levels. Living a healthy life with only one kidney is possible. Some people donate a kidney to someone who needs a kidney transplant due to kidney failure.

PH kidney biopsy


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