2. Control your diet:

The most effective natural treatment for pyelonephritis is cleansing the body from all toxic substances. This can be done by controlling your diet. A cleansing diet will remove unnecessary waste from the intestines and blood which will prevent the bacterial infection from growing. For pyelonephritis, a citrus diet is recommended because it makes it easier for our body and kidney to process the food. In general, you should make a diet that consists of citrus fruits and vegetables. Food items such as green tea, lemon water, oranges, vegetable oils, whole grains, cereals, legumes, and seeds should be taken as part of your cleansing diet. On the other hand, food items that contain animal products (such as milk and meat), sugar, flour, and processed foods should be avoided because these add toxins to the body and make it more difficult for our immune systems to fight against infectious bacteria.


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