The hip joint is one of the most robust and durable parts of the body. It is made to withstand incredible amounts of wear and tear. Even so, the hips aren't indestructible. As we age, cartilage (a cushion that protects bones from friction) gradually deteriorates, leaving the hip prone to damage and injury, and pain.


1. Thigh Pain

One common indication of hip pain is pain or discomfort in the thigh. Typically, you feel pain in the upper thigh, but this depends on the cause. Upper, lateral thigh and hip pain are especially prominent if you have greater trochanteric pain syndrome. In most cases, inflammation is to blame, though recent injury or damage to the bone structure or soft tissues that surround the hip and thigh can also cause this symptom. If you have pain in this area, take things slowly for a while, and consult your medical provider. Over-the-counter pain medication may help relieve symptoms.



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