Many athletes, and especially those involved in sports where the hip flexors are highly used, are susceptible to hip flexor strain. The hip flexors are an important group of muscles that assist in moving the leg and knee towards the body. If one of the hip flexor muscles becomes stretched or torn, you might experience hip flexor strain. This condition can be treated at home, but if symptoms worsen, contact your doctor.


1. Hip Pain

Experiencing pain in the hip area or other muscles surrounding it is a likely indication of a hip flexor strain. If you are active in sports, you might feel pain in the front area that connects that thigh and the hip. You may notice a mild, pulling pain. In some cases, pain can be more severe and may make it difficult to move. If you do experience this type of pain, seize any physical activity and apply an ice pack over the area for up to 20 minutes. Repeat this over the course of a few days, making sure not to apply ice directly onto the skin.

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