Many people have suffered bouts of heartburn, but few may realize why or how it happens. Many scientists believe that genetics play a significant role in determining what foods will cause heartburn and what might not for an individual. Aside from genetics, there is something you can do to avoid the nasty sensation of stomach acids building up in your throat. After numerous tests, scientists have narrowed down the list to ten suspects. You might not personally experience difficulties when eating the heartburn trigger foods listed below, but they are some of the prime culprits. If you want to avoid that icky feeling, you might want to replace these foods that are high in acidity with something else.


1. Citrus fruits

Rich in vitamin C, citrus fruits are a dietary staple for most people. We tend to grab an orange juice in the store. We eat fresh oranges and even put them in cakes to achieve the ultimate sweetness. Something that many people don't know is that aside from all that delicious sweetness, a lot of acids may be a hassle to your stomach. They cause a reaction in your esophagus, and the amount of acid can rise and build up. If you have no intention of giving up oranges and other citrus fruits, just be sure to eat them with something else. Eating an orange or grapefruit on an empty stomach increases the risk for heartburn.

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