Arrhythmia is a medical term for an irregular heartbeat pattern. A person might miss some heartbeats or have more or less than the normal number of heartbeats in this situation. The fact that someone has an arrhythmia does not necessarily point to a heart problem. Even people with healthy hearts experience these irregularities from time to time. They might not even be aware of what is happening because they have no symptoms. Sometimes a doctor discovers this problem during a standard medical checkup. It can be a serious matter for heart disease sufferers but no cause for concern if the person is otherwise healthy.


1. The Heart is Palpitating

If a person feels that their heart is palpitating, they might be experiencing an arrhythmia. Obviously, if they have been running hard to catch a train this feeling almost certainly relates to all the extra work their heart has just performed. Situations of high tension or excitement also commonly affect heartbeat. However, suppose they feel this sensation while relaxing at home watching TV. If they cannot connect the heart palpitations to any actions recently performed, it could be an arrhythmia. If they have a history of heart disease, they need to get an immediate check-up, but in all events, consulting a doctor is a wise move.



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