Buerger’s disease is a rare vascular disease that affects people worldwide of any age, group, or race. It often occurs in men located in Middle Eastern and Asian countries where smoking is most prevalent. It spreads in the age of 40 and 45 among those who are heavy users of tobacco products.The small and medium-sized arteries and veins get inflamed. This leads to narrowed or blocked vessels. The lack of blood flows to the tissues results in pain and tissue damage. The specific cause of this disease is unknown.Consuming tobacco is the main cause of developing this disease in men. Diagnosis is usually made by eliminating other conditions with similar symptoms. Some treatments can help control the disease, but there is no permanent cure. Patients need to stop all use of or even exposure to tobacco products. This helps to remit and to avoid amputation.


This disease causes arteries and veins to become inflamed and cause swelling. Blood clots cause them to block up. When this happens, it restricts normal blood flow. Lack of blood flow ensures that tissues will no longer receive oxygen and nutrients.

Exercise can help to improve circulation in arms and legs. It is so because it raises the heart rate and gets the blood pumping. Massages and warmth also increase circulation. Sitting or standing in one position for longer duration decreases circulation. Drinking plenty of fluids also helps to increase circulation.



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