No matter your current level of health, when looking into herbal remedies you should exercise caution. There are dangerous drug interactions and the remedies themselves can sometimes cause more harm than good. For anyone with serious health conditions, such as any heart condition, these precautions should be taken to ensure that there are not any contraindications in your medicine cabinet or with your condition. Always consult a physician when adding anything to your health regimen: exercise, dietary restrictions and herbal supplements all merit a trip to the doctor to ensure you are safe and healthy. Here are 10 herbs you need to make sure and avoid if you suffer from a heart condition.


1. St. John’s Wort

A potent herbal remedy most commonly used to combat insomnia, depression and anxiety disorders, St. John’s wort affects everyone very differently. It can be found in a tea, herbal supplements capsule and tablet, liquid extracts or the yellow-flowered plant. It is dangerous when mixed with statins, beta-blockers and many of the other commonly prescribed medicines for those with heart conditions as it negates their effects. Furthermore, it could exacerbate common side effects of the medicines.



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