There is an English saying – "Don't take it to heart!" Someone says this by way of reassurance to his or her friend, but if they feel something is not right with their heart, it does not make sense to dismiss the matter lightly. Understandably, if your heartbeat all of a sudden becomes very noticeable, or the beat seems to have become irregular, you are certain to be very concerned. It is comforting to learn that usually there is nothing to worry about, and in a short while, the heartbeat returns to normal. Doctors call these occasional ectopic beats. However, if you feel chest pains or become dizzy, go and get medical help immediately.


1. Palpitations Connected to Pregnancy, Periods or Menopause

The state of pregnancy triggers many hormonal changes in the body. The morning sickness phenomenon is one of the best-known side effects. But pregnancy also sometimes causes the heart to flutter or miss some beats. These heart rhythm alterations should be brief. A woman who experiences such palpitations need have no concerns about the health of her own heart or the baby she carries. Hormonal changes associated with regular periods and the menopause also sometimes cause heart palpitations. The diagnosis is similar to that for the pregnant woman – there is no need to worry since heartbeat soon returns to normal.

pregnancy Heart Palpitations


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