Sinuses are cavities within the head when they become inflamed it can cause a Sinus headache. The maxillary sinuses are located in behind the cheeks. They are the largest sinuses in the head. The frontal sinuses are behind the forehead. There are also small sinuses located between the eyes, called ethmoid sinuses, and behind the nose, called sphenoid sinuses.

It's unclear why humans have sinuses. It's thought that they may help to make the air we breathe more humid. They are usually empty apart from small amounts of mucus and are lined with mucosa tissue. Sometimes, issues can develop in the sinuses, causing sinus headaches.


1. Common Causes

Sinus headaches are caused by a build-up of inflammation in the sinuses. This is often caused by an allergic reaction. When the sinuses become inflamed, they can't drain properly, and this causes pressure and pain to develop. The pressure in the sinuses can feel like a headache.

Sinus headaches are often experienced alongside migraines or other headaches. They may also be triggered by an infection inside the sinuses caused by bacteria or a virus. However, the vast majority of sinus headaches are not caused by infection.

Sinus Headache

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