Cluster headaches are so-named because they present as repeated attacks that can last for weeks or even months. The headaches tend to appear at the same time every day until the span of time is over. As well as being excruciatingly painful, each attack can last for hours at a time.


1. What is the Difference Between Cluster Headaches and Migraines?

One of the most common queries around cluster headaches is the way in which they differ from migraines. An individual with chronic migraines might think they are experiencing cluster headaches, but the symptoms of the two are unique. In addition to headaches, people with migraines tend to feel nauseous, see auras, and be sensitive to light. Cluster headaches are more likely to cause sinus issues such as runny noses or watery eyes. They can also come on suddenly, while migraines tend to develop more slowly.

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