It’s easy to understand why hair transplants have become so popular. The amount of time and money ladies spend having their hair done is just one sign of how essential a good head of hair is to their self-esteem. Men are also very concerned to appear with a full head of hair. The continued appeal of fake cures for baldness plays on male feelings of embarrassment over hair loss. Unlike all those miracle cure hair transplants offer a genuine way to improve your looks if they are done in a professional way. Nevertheless, they are not effective in every case and can be very expensive. Before starting a costly hair transplant procedure ask a qualified medical practitioner if dietary or other lifestyle issues could be causing this hair loss.


1. When is a hair transplant the best option?

This answer to this question depends on the reason for your hair loss. You can reverse some kinds of hair loss with medications. In other situations a change in diet or lifestyle is all it takes to stop the hair loss. Some people start to lose their hair because of a hereditary condition. In a case of hereditary baldness a hair transplant offers you the best prospects of saving your hair. If your father and grandfather lost their hair at a young age you have grounds to suspect the condition is inherited but sometimes one sibling becomes bald and the other is fine.



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