Gallbladder cancer can be quite difficult to diagnose because it doesn't cause symptoms in the earlier stages. So usually by the time you're already aware that it's there, cancer may already be in more advanced stages. Usually, a lot of early-stage gallbladder cancers happens without reason. There are many symptoms of gallbladder cancer and they occur at advanced stages of the disease. The challenging part is, the symptoms of gallbladder cancer might appear as symptoms of other illnesses. So, when you experience these, consult your doctor.


1. Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain is usually one of the first symptoms of gallbladder cancer. It is also a symptom of a lot of different kinds of illnesses and diseases. You might complain about frequent aching on the right side of your abdomen. Some people would describe the ache as more of a dragging feeling rather than actual pain. It happens when gallstones or cancer blocks bile duct. It would most likely give a sharper abdominal pain.

gallbladder cancer


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