We often take our feet for granted, never minding what they're made of and what their functions are. Our feet have an intricate set of muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments burdened to carry us the rest of our lives. The only time we really pay notice to them is when they hurt and would want immediate relief for them. Pain is the only flag that will remind us that our feet need help. We should never ignore foot pain, especially when they occur after some serious injuries. It complicates the healing process and may lead to more serious problems.


1. What are the common causes of foot pain?

Foot pain can be due to several factors. They can be biomechanical, structural or metabolic deformities. A foot doctor can determine the cause by thoroughly examining the affected foot. The doctor can conduct simple in-office tests during your visit to give you an accurate diagnosis and a treatment regimen to relieve the pain.




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