Swelling is a common symptom that often resolves on its own with simple remedies such as ice and heat and rest. As such may be ignored by many people. One of the most common places people experience swelling is in the ankles. Many factors can lead to inflamed or swollen ankles, some more serious than others.


1. Varicose Veins

One of the leading causes of swelling in the ankles is damage to the veins in the legs that carry blood from the legs back to the heart. Veins have small flaps called valves that keep the blood moving toward the heart. Sometimes, these veins become damaged. When this happens, blood and fluid can collect in the lower leg and ankles. This leads to calf and ankle swelling, especially after sitting or standing for long periods. Wearing compression stockings and elevating the legs helps relieve ankle swelling from varicose veins. If the condition becomes too uncomfortable, treatments are available.



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