When you get up in the morning and go about your day, you take your eyes for granted. However, when your eyes are strained or hurt, it becomes instantly debilitating. At various times, your eye can ache and hurt on the surface or in deep inside the eyes sensitive structure. Often, a foreign object causes this type of pain, but there are many other symptoms, causes, and treatments to explore. Deep eye pain is typically throbbing or aching in nature.


1. Eye Strain

Eye strain affects nerves and muscles in your eyes. Its official name is asthenopia. When you strain your eyes by overworking them, the tiny nerves and muscles are fatigued. Unlike regular eye disorders, eye strain develops aside from any medical or genetic background. It can occur in young children or older adults. If you're like most people, symptoms include headaches, pain, and trouble focusing. Did you know your eyes become tired just like any other muscle? Focusing light on images, interpret text and follow movement takes a great deal of work. All day your eyes perceive and interpret the world for you. They are sensitive to lack of sleep, nutrient deficiencies, too much light exposure, muscular tension, and pollution.

Eye Strain


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