Often, after trauma to the face or eye region, the tissue around the eye bruises and a black eye forms. Tiny blood vessels in the face, capillaries, burst due to the trauma and leak blood under the skin. Black eyes often swell heavily, which can affect vision. Most black eyes cause some level of pain. Generally, black eyes recover with simple home treatments and do not require medical intervention. However, trauma to the eyes can cause other issues as well as black eyes, and these complications may require medical attention.


1. Ice Packs

Applying a cold compress or ice pack is one of the first treatments a person should turn to after a black eye begins to develop. Lightly press the ice pack to the injured eye for 15 minutes every hour for the first 24 hours following the injury. Never place ice directly on the skin or press too firmly. If an ice pack or cold compress is not available, substitutes such as bags of frozen vegetables or a cloth wrapped around loose ice are also effective.

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