Most people have experienced waking up with puffy, swollen eyes at some point in their lives. As long as the puffiness is in both eyes and is not the result of any trauma, it will likely go away on its own with time. Overall, this issue is more of a cosmetic concern than a serious medical problem, but it can still be frustrating. Puffy eyes may feel tired or heavy, which can impact your daily life. In addition, they can cause anxiety about appearance. Luckily, there are many steps you can take to remedy swollen eyes at home.


1. Apply a Cold Compress

Cold compresses are excellent treatments for inflammation of all types, and puffy eyes are no exception. If you have an ice pack, wrap it in a thin cloth and gently place it over your eyes for 20 minutes. This is best done when lying flat, as it allows the compress to rest in one spot and reduces jarring. If you do not have a regular ice pack, any cold items will do: frozen peas, cold hand towels, even chilled spoons. Your eyes are very fragile and susceptible to bacteria and germs, so be certain to use a clean compress each time.

compress puffy eyes

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