Keeping eyes and vision in good condition goes hand in hand with general good health. Diet and overall health status can have unexpected effects on eyesight. Many conditions, including autoimmune and neurological disorders, can cause visual disturbance or even complete loss of eyesight. Some common illnesses can also impact vision. Receiving prompt diagnosis and treatment for these illnesses is important to preventing total or partial blindness.


1. High Blood Pressure

Along with various other health problems, high blood pressure can affect vision and cause a type of eye disease called hypertensive retinopathy. This condition can damage the blood vessels in the retina and cause bleeding. The retina is the region at the back of the eye responsible for focusing images. High blood pressure can also cause the macula and optic nerve to become swollen. Many people with mild hypertensive retinopathy have no symptoms -- doctors often discover the condition during routine eye exams. However, people with more advanced hypertensive retinopathy may complain of blurred vision or even vision loss. The best way to manage the condition is to keep blood pressure under control.

blood pressure and vision

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