A peritonsillar abscess is a treatable bacterial condition that develops when pus from an infection spreads from the tonsils into the neck and chest area. The tissue in these areas can become so swollen that the airways become blocked. Antibiotics are used to treat this type of infection when its caught early enough, but an incision and drainage procedure may be required to drain the pus in more severe instances.


1. Causes of Peritonsillar Abscess

Peritonsillar abscesses usually start off as strep throat or tonsillitis and become more serious when left untreated. Pus from an infection forms in the tonsils, potentially spreading and blocking airways. This seasonal infection is prevalent in children and young adults and develops most often at the beginning or end of winter. Mononucleosis is another infection that can result in a peritonsillar abscess. Incidences of this infection are increasing because antibiotics are being used to treat them more often.


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