Bowel movements can be an awkward subject to discuss, but that doesn't mean they aren't important. Bowel movements are actually an excellent indicator of your internal health and can help to diagnose many problems within the digestive tract that might otherwise go unnoticed. While bowel movements may vary based on diet, health, age and other factors, they generally have similar characteristics. If you notice abnormalities, it can be very concerning. With that in mind, it is important to know what each color means and whether you should talk to your doctor about a serious health concern, or simply adjust your diet.


1. Green

If your bowel movement is green, it may not mean anything unusual at all. This is common, especially if you eat a lot of dark green vegetables like spinach or kale. These iron-rich foods can give things a green hue thanks to their natural coloring, and taking iron supplements can have a similar effect. However, you shouldn't avoid these healthy foods due to coloring issues. Another common source of green bowel movements is food coloring. If you drink a lot of green-apple or lime-flavored drinks, these may affect coloring. While you may want to cut out sugary green drinks and snacks for other health reasons, the color will not harm you.

what does green poop mean


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