Fingernails can reveal many things about a person's health. One of the most common changes they undergo is the development of ridges. Vertical ridges are common, though horizontal is also possible. Many people worry about these ridges for cosmetic or health reasons. Typically, nail ridges are normal and not cause for concern. However, in some cases, they could point to a medical condition.


1. Aging

When a person ages, their body undergoes many changes; the fingernails and nail beds are no exception. Age can cause the nails to become thicker or thinner, and it can disturb the texture of the nail. As part of these changes, the fingernails may develop vertical ridges beginning at the cuticle and stretching to the tip of the nail. Experts think this could be a sign of slowing rates of cell growth. The top of the nail sheds dead cells like normal, but there is not enough cell growth to replace the dead cells. Injury to the nail growth plate can also lead to vertical ridges.

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