"Tumor" is one of the most feared words in the English language. It immediately strikes fear into the heart of anyone who hears it, even if the tumor in question has a good chance of being benign. But what about pseudotumors? Pseudotumors, as the name implies, are not actual tumors, but they behave like them. They cause similar signs and symptoms, but have different causes and risk factors and are usually more treatable than cancerous tumors.


1. What Are Pseudotumors?

Pseudotumors are a symptom of pseudotumor cerebri. People with this condition experience pressure around their brain that causes symptoms like headaches and problems with vision. Translated, the name means "false brain tumor" because, while all signs point to a brain tumor, the cause of all symptoms is actually this pressure. Doctors also refer to this condition as a idiopathic intracranial hypertension, which may be a better descriptor, as it does not make one immediately think of cancer.

brain Pseudotumors

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