Adenovirus covers a range of viruses that cause cold- and flu-like symptoms. In fact, many people assume they have a cold or flu when, in fact, they have contracted a strain of adenovirus. Unlike the flu, which usually strikes seasonally, adenoviruses may occur any time of year. These viruses typically cause upper respiratory infections in addition to other symptoms. Researchers know of about fifty strains of adenovirus.


1. How Is Adenovirus Spread?

Like the flu, adenovirus spreads via bodily fluids. You can catch the virus simply by touching a surface infected by a substance containing the virus. Unfortunately, there is no adenovirus vaccine commercially available at this time, though one is used by the military. To protect against the virus, people are encouraged to wash their hands after coming into contact with surfaces used by the public, such as elevator buttons, stair rails, store counters, and so on.

 What is adenovirus

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