Hypersensitivity has many names such as hypersensitivity intolerance or reaction. Though, it refers to any adverse response produced by the body's immune system. This condition is also known as the immune system's over-reaction which may cause damages to the body, uncomfortable feelings or even death. Such reactions require the body to be in an immune or pre-sensitized state.

Hypersensitivity can involve mechanisms which are either immunological or non-immunological. There are different types of hypersensitivity, and it's essential to learn more about them. So if you experience these conditions, you have an idea what caused them and what treatment you need. The common types of hypersensitivity include type I, type II, type III, and type IV. There also a fifth type of hypersensitivity but it's quite rare. Read on to learn about these types of hypersensitivity along with their causes and treatments:


1. Causes of allergic hypersensitivity (type I)

Allergic hypersensitivity or allergies happen when the body's immune system reacts to foreign matter. The allergic reaction would start when the immune system confuses a harmless substance for something harmful. When this happens, the immune system will produce antibodies which would remain in the body. The antibodies would stay alert for the specific allergen they need to defend the body against.

When you get exposed to the same substance, the antibodies will produce chemicals like histamine which then cause the allergic hypersensitivity symptoms. Common triggers for this type of hypersensitivity are airborne allergens, foods, medications, insect stings, latex, and more.



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