Torticollis is the medical term for a twisted neck. It can be quite painful, but this minor injury normally heals within a few days without the need for any medical intervention. A painkiller is usually the only medicine anyone requires. Only if the condition continues much longer than usual is it advisable to get a doctor's diagnosis. You recognize the condition instantly in most cases, and if you do go to the doctor, an examination of your neck tells the doctor all they need to know.


1. What are the most common symptoms?

It is common to discover you have this neck pain as an unpleasant shock when you wake up one morning. The pain affects one side of the neck, and a stiffness of the muscles makes movements difficult. An attempt to straighten the neck is very painful, and it might not be possible to move the neck to one side. This neck pain sometimes occurs in the center of the neck, and it might radiate out from the neck to affect the back of the head and shoulders.



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