Frostbite is caused by recently frozen tissue and requires exposure to the elements below the freezing point of skin. While hypothermia relies on body temperature to reach a dangerously low point, frostbite can happen in as few as 15 minutes and feels as though it is burning you. The refreezing of skin causes the condition and is aided by moisture, and the parts of the body most affected are generally the extremities and facial areas like the nose, cheeks, and ears. Exposure is the most significant reason for frostbite and disproportionately affects the disenfranchised.


1. Frostbite Means Dead Tissue

Exposure to extreme cold prompts the body to protect itself while doing the opposite with frostbite. The body, effectively, tells blood vessels to slow the blood to the skin and supply more to vital organs. Nevermind that skin is essential, the liver, heart, lungs, pancreas, and others are deemed more critical. Rather than lose available heat inside, your body restricts blood flow to the skin. Your body begins to open and close until it finally just closes for the day leaving your skin on its own.


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