A colorectal polyp is a clump of cells that form on the lining of the colon, also be known as a colon polyp. In most cases, they are harmless but do require removal, as they can interfere with colon function. There is a chance a colon polyp may become cancerous, so talk with your doctor about your risk of developing these growths. Keep reading to learn more about colon and colorectal polyps.


1. What Causes a Polyp?

Colorectal polyps are thought to be caused by genetics and lifestyle factors. If you have relatives with polyps, you may be more likely to develop them, as well. If you eat a lot of fatty foods and have a diet low in fruits and vegetables, you may be at risk. Lifestyle choices such as smoking cigarettes and not getting enough exercise may also put you at risk. If you give your doctor a complete family history of illnesses, he or she can tell you if you are at an increased risk.

colon polyps


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