Canker sores are painful and can be difficult to deal with because of their location on the tongue, gums, or inside of the cheeks. They can become even more irritated if they are near a tooth or in the way while brushing. While canker sores usually heal within one week, they can cause significant discomfort during that time. The good news is that there are simple ways to treat canker sores to relieve the pain and help heal them more quickly.


1. Use a Soft Toothbrush

There is nothing more irritating to a canker sore than vigorous brushing with a stiff toothbrush. Instead, use a soft toothbrush and brush gently; most dentists recommend using a soft or extra-soft toothbrush all the time. Although you may experience some pain with even softer bristles, this prevents causing more discomfort and prolonging the healing process.

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