The epididymis is located along and behind the testicle. The coiled tube is responsible for collecting and moving sperm from the testes to the vas deferens. Sometimes a fluid-filled cyst develops in the epididymis. This is known as an epididymal cyst. If the cyst is filled with sperm, it is called a spermatocele.  An epididymis will grow to the size of a pea and usually sits in the upper portion of the testis. It is benign and rarely causes symptoms, so men may have this kind of cyst without knowing it.


1. Diagnosis of an Epididymis Cyst

It is most common to discover an epididymal cyst during a self-examination, although as with any mass found in the testicle it will have to be verified by a urologist. A scrotal ultrasound will identify the presence of an epididymal cyst or show another condition. After being diagnosed with a testicular cyst, there is not much to be done with it unless the epididymis continues to grow or becomes painful to the touch.

Diagnosis of an Epididymis Cyst


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