Finding worms in poop is surprisingly common. Hundreds of types of worms, called helminths, can inhabit the human gut. Intestinal worm infections are most common in people who lack access to water treatment facilities and proper food sanitation. Improper sewage disposal is another factor for parasitic worm infections. Drinking or eating contaminated food and water can lead to ingestion of worms and their larvae. In America, about one in three people have intestinal worms.


1. Worms Are Everywhere

Worms live in soil, on animals, on plants and grass, and they can even contaminate water. Because worms live and lay eggs in so many places, it is common to come into contact with them. People become infected with intestinal parasites from ingesting raw or undercooked foods or drinking contaminated water. Contact with infected human or animal feces facilitates the spread of parasites.

worms in poop

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