A blood infection is medically known as sepsis, is a potentially life-threatening illness. It is caused by the body's overreaction to infection. Under normal circumstances, the immune system fights infections and restores health. Sometimes, however, the immune response is so strong that chemicals released into the blood to fight infection actually cause widespread inflammation. This inflammation, which can affect different organs and bodily functions, can produce severe illness. If the symptoms of blood infection appear, seek medical attention immediately.


1. Altered Mental Status

Altered mental status manifests early as a symptom of a blood infection. However, it may go unnoticed due to its subtlety. Blood infections can trigger many reactions in the body. Some of them cause cellular damage in the brain and also impact neurotransmission. This leads to a change in the patients' mental agility. Patients experience increased confusion and compromised comprehensive ability. Furthermore, these signs aren't taken very seriously until other symptoms also appear, especially in elderly patients. However, signs of delirium may alert others to the possibility of serious ill health.

blood infection


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