Good morning! Or—maybe not so much. If the light's too bright, the noise is too loud, your tummy is doing somersaults, and your head is throbbing, you may be cursing yourself for that extra drink, or two—last night.

If you partied too hard and you simply cannot get anything done, it may be time to implement these tried-and-true hangover cures that will get you back in full working condition as quickly as possible.

These pre-, during-, and post-drinking methods will first and foremost help you avoid the morning-after illness, and assist you in battling it if it comes.


1. Pear Juice

If you know you will be drinking later today, a pre-game with pear juice may help prevent the nasty after-effects a night out may bring. Scientists claim that consuming pear juice before consuming alcohol can keep hangovers at bay. Pear juice contains essential enzymes involved in alcohol metabolism, keeping blood-alcohol levels down and reducing hangover symptoms the next day.

Pear juice also has anti-inflammatory effects on the whole body. Some experts say that hangover is a case of low-grade inflammation and that is why it works to reduce hangover symptoms.

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