Blisters are fleshy, fluid-filled, bubble-like skin aberrations that appear on the skin due to excessive friction or an infection. They may be painful, itchy and, if present in a weight-bearing region, may even impede movement. Most people tend to develop blisters on their skin at some point in time in their life. Therefore, knowing how to heal them may be a life skill that everyone should attain. Mostly, blisters tend to heal on their own through the body’s natural epidermal and immune activation. However, there are some home remedies that you may employ to fasten this process. Here are six ways you can treat blisters and help them heal.


1. Burst a Blister

You should not attempt to burst blisters at the sight of one; however, in some very extreme instances, it may become virtually necessary. To explode a blister, you must begin by cleaning your hands and the affected spot with water. Then the latter must be swabbed with iodine. You can use a sterilized needle to puncture the edge of the blister, which allows the liquid to drain out. The overlying skin should stay in place. Then, apply your doctor-prescribed ointment or antibiotic. If it's a blood blister, do not pop it. Vesicles carrying contagious infections such as chicken pox should not be burst; instead, seek medical help from a professional.



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