Non-cancerous outgrowths that appear on surface skin, warts are caused by the action of Human Papillomavirus (HPV). The virus can be transferred from one person to the next through direct contact with the affected skin. However, in most cases, skin warts are harmless and do not portend any nature of debilitating ill-health or discomfort. They may even disappear without any treatment, though there are many remedies, both allopathic and non-allopathic, which may be effective in banishing warts. If one has developed warts and is keen to cure them, here is a list a ways in which they could be removed.


The practice of strapping a piece of duct tape to banish wart is called duct tape occlusion. In this, you need to cover the wart with a grey duct tape and the suffocation is going to kill the wart. Silver duct tape or even black electrical tape will work equally well, but studies have proved grey duct tape to be extremely successful in killing warts. Once you cover the wart with a duct tape, let it remain there for minimum 6 days. And soak the wart in water once you remove the tape. Afterwards, file it properly with a pumice stone or a nail filer. And then let the wart remain uncovered for around 24 hours. Keep repeating this procedure until the wart disappears.



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