Small raised areas on the skin may be the size of a pinhead, or large and noticeable. Visible lacerations may or may not accompany the bumps. A huge number of causes including infections, allergies, and more may cause or contribute to skin bumps. Based on the cause, they may be painful, tender, itchy, firm, or soft. The following are the most commonly occurring skin bumps. Although they are often benign, anyone experiencing these should seek suitable treatment to prevent complications and recurrence.


1. Prickly Heat

Prickly heat is a rash that appears as bumps on the skin that are both painful and itchy. Exposure to heat results in this rash that tends to be extremely itchy for some. Prickly heat usually appears in the areas of the body that experience the most friction. These places include the folds of the arms, legs, breasts, and groin. Keeping the affected area cool, dry and devoid of friction usually provides relief.



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