The word "tumor" strikes fear into the heart of everyone who hears it. Malignant tumors, unlike their benign counterparts, are not usually localized to one area. They can spread to the rest of the body, sending cancer cells out into the lymph nodes, tissues, and sometimes even bones. There are many types of malignant tumors, some of which are much rarer than others. If not caught early, malignant cancers can lead to severe complications and even death.


1. Sarcomas

Sarcomas are rare but often malignant. They originate in the soft tissues of the body, generally connecting tissues such as muscle, ligaments, tendons, fat, and cartilage. Only about 8,000 soft tissue tumors occur in the U.S. each year. Luckily, over 90 percent of people diagnosed with a soft tissue tumor do not see the tumor spread, and surgeons can generally remove it before it causes further problems. If it has spread, however, it is much more difficult to treat and may require more than just surgical treatment.

sarcoma Malignant tumors

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