Anyone who spends a lot of time in water knows just how annoying it can be to get water stuck in your ear. Not only is it annoying, but it can also lead to further complications such as infections or hearing loss. Even taking a shower can cause water to get lodged in the ear. In most cases, ear wax naturally prevents water from getting too deep into our ears. On the bright side, it can be surprisingly easy to get water out of the ear by following these ten tips.


1. Gravity

The easiest way to get water out from the ear is to use gravity. This force of nature is often our first method of removing water from our ears. Depending on where the water is stuck, it can be more or less difficult to remove it. The best way is standing and tilting your head sideways, while at the same time holding the affected ear parallel to the floor. Then, carefully place the palm of your hand over the ear and gently perform a pushing action. This creates a vacuum that pulls any stuck water from the ear.

gravity in the ear


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