Whether you’re excited about it, or you’re dreading it, your child will need to be potty trained one way or another. This milestone in your child’s life is just another step toward her gaining more independence and security as she learns how to navigate the world on her own. It can be frustrating and exhilarating all at the same time, and these ten tips may help to put you in the right mindset to breeze through these potty training days.


1. Time it right

Before you attempt to potty train your child, assess his environment and routine, and make sure that he is well adjusted. If you are moving homes, switching daycares, or if he has a new caretaker or another new person in his life that he is adjusting to, it may not be the right time. Change is difficult for children, so if you introduce the change from diapers to underwear while he is still adjusting to something else, it may not go over too well. Try to keep his routine, the people he is around, and everything else normal while you are potty training.  


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