Uterine fibroids are the most common form of benign tumor that women face. About 70-80% of women will suffer uterine fibroids until the age of 50, one or more times. They have no relation to cancer whatsoever, but can still present themselves as a nuisance within the female body. Even today, we’re not quite sure why they develop and what can be the prevention of their development. These growths are not always harmless and can either be tiny or weigh several pounds in some extreme cases. The sooner the fibroids are discovered, the easier it is to remove them.


1. Intense menstrual bleeding

Most women have normal menstrual cycles, with normal amounts of blood pouring out on a monthly basis. That’s why this symptom is so easy to notice. In fact, the majority of women suffering from uterine fibroids find out about their condition after excessive bleeding. Besides the usual liquid blood, uterine fibroids have a characteristic of causing blood clots. You can see these during menstrual bleeding very easily. Any sign of them is a legitimate reason to see your doctor. This severe bleeding can be in the form of more blood or a longer bleeding period.

uterine fibroids

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